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Dr. Rita is well-loved by her patients and below are some testimonials (quoted verbatim) she had received recently through numerous letters and cards, to wit:

"Rita, you are in our hearts and prayers. We deeply appreciate your exceptional service, goodness, friendship and love. I hope you know what a treasure and blessing you are." -- MS

"Many thanks to you and for all the PT care and encouragement you have given me." -- SI

"Dear Rita, happy birthday and I will remember in my Holy Mass today. Thank you for all you do and ARE. God bless you." -- SC

"Thank you ever so much for your good therapy. I appreciate all you have done for me. Also I want to thank you for getting the new walker. God bless you and your loving family." -- LF

"Thanks for all that you did for us, Rita." -- NS

"Thank you for all your acts of kindness plus the heating pad and other helpful articles." -- SGM

"I personally take time to let you know how much I appreciate all you have done and are continuing to help my sore 91 year-old body. Your loving care and interest in performing exercises and heat massage on my body has helped ease and bear pain." -- SM

"I am bionic -- 2 hips, 1 knee, 2 shoulders -- consequently have had much therapy. Rita deserves special commendation as a director par excellence!" -- VMS

"It could not have been better. Occasionally, I have been returned for either help or information and have been welcomed graciously. Thanks a lot." -- OIS

"My therapy experience was fruitful and wonderful. The staff is to be commended for their loving care I received during my therapy time. Thank you!" -- AJS

"I am 93 years old, have had much orthopedic surgery and much therapy. Rita, my therapist, was exceptional. She rates summa cum laude!!!"  -- MTB

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